It's never really been a passion for me to pick up any sort of publication i.e magazines, as it's filled with picture's of women that don't look like me, pages filled with information that doesn't represent me or anyone that looks like me in the slightest, so I've never really had any joy looking through these sorts of visual dialogues, if that's what you call them.

It's weird because until a year ago my source of inspiration was the physical world directly around me and movies and it still is but recently I picked up my first copy of ID Magazine, I remember entering the library to print my work and the lady who worked in the library said hey take a look at this Magazine I think you'll love it!

And my gosh did the visual imagery on the front page totally blow me away talk about embracing boldness and individuality.
I myself always wake up every morning and paint my eyebrows pink/purple and to see humans on the front cover of a magazine with orange/green eyebrows, wow I'm telling you that totally stimulated me Into buying the magazine believe it or not.

Not only did the magazine stimulate me with visual images of flamboyant, bold outrageously shaved skin-headed people, but inside the magazine was positive messages that really resonated with me as a person ... now let's fast-forward one month on, I was asked to feature in a magazine called material magazine, of course, I was more than excited to be a part of this movement it's wonderful to finally see that others enjoy my creativity and style and I was flattered to be featured in the magazine more so because i was able to express who I am as a creative person only?

So I bet your question is do you know read magazines now? lol no I don't think I ever really will read magazine's in all honesty,  movies are still my biggest inspiration besides we are moving into the digital Era and I'm wondering will magazine's even still exist.

Check below article featuring a write on my style and thoughts no really cool information/articles, in material magazine online ISSUU.COM

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