Let Your Ideas Light Up Your FUTURE.. |Pop PR Press Day| 2017

I literally walked into my past and saw the future. 


The room was filled with cool PopArt memes, awesome designer clothing and amazing LED bags and hats. LED clothing and accessories nooo way? 
Although I've been apart of this futuristic light up your life fashion movement for a long time now, well since 2013 it was still awesome to see designers finally incorporating LED lights in their garment /accessory creations.

I remember in 2014 wearing my first ever LED light-up dress that I made and design back in 2013.. it was like my baby, the most amazing thing I have ever created at that time LOL I'm serious I then wore it to London fashion week with pure excitement and passion oh the feeling.

I remember the battery started to wear out as I ran down Covent garden to repair it, I was hanging with someone at the time who told me, "who on earth would wear your dress, who would wear LED lights in garments it's a silly idea" they said? LOL.
I felt my heart pounding as the show began even though the person created such an awful atmosphere it didn't affect my seriously ambitious creative spirit, The lights went down the catwalk begun and my dress was shining, that's all behind me now everything worked as it was meant to and now fast forward to 2017, I see my beautiful ideas/visualisations in regards to creative LED clothing in designers collections today moral of the story never doubt yourself keep pushing be passionate be wacky just believe in yourself always!

I enjoyed the quick experience I had at the pop or press day from conversations with a few designers to learning a bit about other graduates from different parts of the world who studied in London and are now trying to grow their designer label/brand. Can't wait to see what the future holds for all of the up and coming brave designers.

(please see videos below, I decided to film the event instead of photograph hundreds of pictures)

YAY to led fashion creations! 

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