Get Hyped For Hyper Japan (The Ultimate Japanese Event in London)

Get hyped for HYPER JAPAN… eeekk excuse me whilst my… 

So with the biggest Japanese cultural event shortly approaching again here in London, I had to share my new Hyper Japan fashion video from the 2014 Summer/Christmas event YAY…

Hyper Japan is such a fantastic huge cultural event celebrating so many aspects of the Japanese traditions all in one place, so you know I had to get my camera rolling and capture one of my favorite parts of the Japanese culture… The Harajuku fashion style and costumes including the traditional kimono outfits’ and I’m so happy to share it with you all.

From amazing cosplayers, anime characters, video game characters to Japanese street wear styles, I was totally in my element, let’s just say I never put my camera down (excuse me whilst I flex the muscles in my fingers/hand pleasure pain momet >.<) Hahahaaaa .. as per usual I had that ‘I never want to leave here syndrome’ what I love about HJ  is sooo many things looooool, lets start with the sharing of culture between non Japanese citizens and Japanese citizens, if its one thing I like its getting to know about other cultures as much as mine own and this is a great way not only to learn knew things, but it really helps broaden the mind. Also I really enjoyed the stage performers and the way in which the event promotes the Japanese history through taste, sound and visual stimulation.

I learn a bit about travelling to certain locations/places in Japan and how the community works in Shiubuya the biggest place for fashion in Tokyo, with its major night life… aahhhh take me there now.. and story of Hachiko and how Shiubuya is a very welcoming friendly place to visit.
I met so many like minded people who love to play dress up and although I dress this way everyday, it was nice to see all the people that I encountered in costume an being in character all day, they where just free to be who they wanted to be deep down.
Even if it was role playing as…. Shinji lkari, Vegeta, Haruhi suzumiya, sailor moon, super Mario bros, pac man, pokemon and or anyone else one wished to dress like, almost everyone was at that childlike happy place, which made the atmosphere friendly and calm, why cant the world always be like this.

Through out every aspect of the event I was never bored and I totally embraced every second of HJ its an event not to be missed.
I could go on and on as you already know, but why not watch the video via my channel on YouTube (click on link below) I promise you’ll want to buy your first ticket to HJ and I know it won’t be your last …



xo Much love monzie xo

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