London Fashion Week Lego Face or Hat & The Daily Mail..

Where do I start … ok right now I feel like a vending machine that releases visual candy every now and again for the readers of my blogposts, thats a good thing right? O_o I feel this way because I have soooo many visually tasty things to post and share with all my readers… although this post is not edible, lol you can rest assure that the events/photos sure are… sweet, okay enough of my crazy metaphors … let me release the candy Hahahahahah

How amazing was my week? From The Fka Twigs Concert which was ‘’remarkable’’ to London fashion week, and errmmm the daily mail online?
Who would of thought I would be in the papers in regards to fashion and trends loooool.
I am laughing, like right now …although I’m not really into trends when it comes to getting dressed up or creatively designing clothing for my brand, I still enjoy and appreciate events such as London fashion week and even though trends can be the main focus of the event, I attend because it’s one whole week of embracing the style of everyone who gets dressed up to attend #LFW and I sometimes get to network with liked minded people.
So my first day was spent catwalking on the cobbled runway of Somerset house, promoting my lastest AW15 multilayered Bomber Jacket and Spaced-Out Leg Warmers designed by @Euqinom7designs and we can not forget to mention the awesome Lego face mask that had The DaliyMail Online amazed, made by @bowywonder, it is indeed a face mask people, I just happened to arrive on the corner of a road at London fashion week with the mask slightly raised on my forehead, an HELLO I accidentally turned it into a hat? Either way I was more than excited to wear this creative Lego accessory and as I’ve said before, I truly appreciate the mind of creative people like @bwoywonder, I’m very grateful to be apart of his works (>Check out more of his work here<)…  and I have to thank HeaveyLondon team for having us visit and check out all the designers in their showroom at #LFW, including Larry T the TZUJI designer I really enjoyed meeting everyone an seeing their awesome collections, wait wait… I cant forget to say a big HELLO to everyone I met at #LFW if you’re reading, you all looked awesome… Missing the fun vibes already.

Okay that’s enough visual candy for today people… until my next post enjoy *as I sprinkle sugar on my computer* i joke  i joke lol

LEGO Face Mask By @bwoywonder
Outfit : AW15 multilayered Bomber Jacket and Spaced-Out Leg Warmers Designed By @Euqinom7designs 
Photo Credits : Daily Mail Online / @Cashkattitude 
LEGO Accessories/ Ring By @Euqinom7designs 
LEGO Heart By @bwoywonder


@Cashkattitude and I

Sabrina Carder & I

ME & @Cashkattitude

Designer Larry T From 

@TzujiLondon Collections


xo Much love monzie xo

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