DreamLand Led Hero -Style Story ( The world needs fantasy)

DreamLand Led Hero 
-Style Story

''I don’t think it makes sense to play safe in these times. The world needs fantasy, not reality. We have enough reality today'' Long Live …
 —Alexander McQueen

Ok so where do I start … oh of course Happy New Year…. Everyone Damn its February already!
Is it me? or did last year feel like 6 months instead of 12? ….  O_O the year when so fast!

I’m not even going to bother your wee reading eyes with New Years Resolutions, why hhhmmmmm I …. I don’t have any nope nope nahhhhhh none lol!
The amount of ideas that constantly run through my head on a daily basis it would make all my new years resolutions seem mediocre lol, Besides I’d love to always plan and create dairy entries for every single aspect of my life but I just work better achieving my creative goals randomly like this Led Super Hero outfit .. So this is one of my first creative outfits for 2015, inspired by my love for robots, the universe, super hero’s Lady tragiks creatively dope music mixes via soundcloud check it out >here< and errrr of course Light up Sneakers I’ve been rocking light up shoes since forever and they give me lifeeeee, YASS boo boo slay looool!!

I have so many awesome, fun and fearless youtube fashion videos and blog posts to share with you all this year and theres one thing i  love doing and its consistantly exploring the areas of my mind that forever screams … ‘’Come on Monzie push the boundaries just a little moreeeeee’’ All I know is that #Euqinom7Designs fashion movement is fully active and growing!!

Okay now enjoy this post everyone and except more experimental stuff from me fashion wise don’t forget to subscribe to my Style Channel via YouTube  and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for sneak peaks of my designs, outfits and 15 second fashion videos, ill wet your taste buds lol if not your forehead with shock factor sweat LMAO!!

Pop Art Me – Bomber Jacket

Alien Dirt-Bike Eyewear Beanie

Custom made for the
Euqinom7designs - clothing line 

much love 

''The world needs heroes like you.''

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