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Welcome to my latest piece of Art work/Style Story .. Entitled 

This is a dream within my reality .. My internal highs and lows pouring through the lenses of my camera screen I have never felt so connected with creativity as I did when I filmed this style story and this is the best way I can externally express my creativity in a stifling environment an environment that gave birth to my yarning of freedom through artistry... (fashion film interpretation) Just want to say a massive thank you to @4feetshoes for always providing me with the best ever customer service, like my gosh these amazing light up buffalo platform sneakers featured in this video, is a collaboration with Buffalo sneakers and 4feetshoesThese are undoubtably in my top 10 dream shoes list.... 
...I seriously should have these shoes on a mantelpiece at home .. but hey I'm an artist and I have to walk in my art so let's just say my mantelpiece has to be the pavements and roads it's still all built from the same material right? Lol ok and you already know that all clothing and accessories are mentioned below are made by Euqinom7Designs, hope you all enjoy the video!


Cyber hugs 
Monzie X


STYLE STORY - VIDEO  EDITED By @Euqinom7designs

POP ART ME BOMBER JACKET - By @Euqinom7designs
DRIVE ME WILD CAR EARRINGS  - By @Euqinom7designs
BUFFALO LED FOOTWEAR By - www.4FeetShoes.com 
DESTINATION CAR TSHIRT - By @Euqinom7designs




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