London Fashion Week DAY 2 ... The Future and Wearable Art

LFW Day 2 ... 
The Future, Wearable Art & My Game Face Outfit Lighting the way...

Today I choose to wear an outfit that I designed and made a few years back and I absolutely loved every minute of wearing it …I really love to explore different types of creative ways of expressing myself when it comes to dressing my body i hardly pay attention to trends or critics.

The drive me wild bomber is a key piece from my Kawaii inspired collection and the long sheer hooded dress with LED lights is from my ‘Futrue Now’/ futuristic clothing Collection and oh boy excuse me whilst I hold my breath… first time I looked in the mirror at my face and thought damn girl your beautiful Ha Ha Ha, I just love this tattoo on my face, this idea was inspired by the components of car engine parts. WELCOME TO MY CREATIVE MIND ... ON MY BODY…

...Right back to LFW daily lol, although I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures of creative street style outfits, talking to people and networking, I unfortunately didn’t get to experience much of the above at LFW Day 2, as my camera was hibernating from that awful fall at LFW Day 1 yikes >.< and I didn’t want to make friends with a hospital bed because of a trucks or taxis or cars whilst getting my picture taken/ taking pictures of various street styles on Brewer Street Soho LOL!

Meeeeeh… I missed being apart of the buzzing street style atmosphere for that day, because to me this is where I seem to find more genuine lovers of this art medium called fashion.

After 2mins we left the fashionable chaotic brewer street crazyness, to go and watch some much needed catwalk shows at the Grand Connaught Rooms for the Fashion finest event.

Within minutes of the catwalk show I was completely in awe of Fabricated Fashions’ collection, it totally took me back to the amazing clothing I sew at the John Paul Gaultier exhibition.

As the golden corset armour tops both for men and women graced the runway it also silenced the audience completely, none of that prestige (throws hands in the air dramatically) bourgie bourgie attitude at this catwalk show (insert pissing my panties with laughter emoji) ‘Fabricated Fashions’, collection is exactly what it looks like when fabric exploration, creativity and the body meet in unison, with a touch of medieval but sophisticated and wearable, this of course was my highlight of Day 2 at LFW and it made all the stressful crazyness worth it! 

Fabricated Fashions’ collection video below

From Google images

From Google images

BYE BYE London Fashion Week Untill next time….

Sheer LED Hooded Dress  - designed and made By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

CAR/ Drive Me Wild Bomber Jacket - designed and made By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

Earrings/ Jewelry  - By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

Hair Styled - By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

Shoes Lights - By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

NOX Sneakers - By @Undergroundshoes

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London Fashion Week DAY1 ... Nu-Future & The Glow After The Rain

Nu-Future & The Glow After The Rain

I mean even though the day was a complete catastrophe from the get go I still looked for the light inside of me, you know those positive thoughts that softly whispers ... 'keep going' even though you may look like a wet dog in the rain whilst you not only do your best to pose for photos as you cling onto your camera that falls to the ground when dodging cars, taxis, trucks and people on the small roads of Brewer St Soho, Monzie, you're doing what you love LOL ... I'm singing in the rain i'm singing in the rain O_o 

So finally a few rain drops later i was able to look for styles that inspired me, from bold bright prints, quirky accessories, flamboyantly cut clothing, outfits full of character and colour to networking with some amazing people on road curbs where i sew and spoke to new bloggers and 
bloggers i already knew from past London fashion week Adventures, i also got some awesome pictures with the amazing FKA Twig's dancer @Kanerflex now that was the best part of my day : ) what rain huh.

But hold on drum roll please ... more like loud car horns on brewer street, the most important part of the day for me was seeing the evening bring on some grey clouds, but without the rain of course. 'why' i hear you say? because the main highlight of the outfit i designed was to see my gilet jacket light up and those grey clouds was well needed for this (so that the 'light inside of me cloud came out lol) I was then able to happily step into the present & the future at the same time, No guys I'm serious I did .. right there before my eyes was the biggest feature of my outfit, the LED lights on my gilet jacket where  GLOWING GLOWINGGGGGGGG Ha Ha  ... I swear iron man couldn't beat me on his best best day.

 I just want to say a massive Thank You to @UNDERGROUNDSHOES for further bringing out the futuristic look to my multi pocket LED gilet jacket.
I'm so grateful & proud to promote the #NOX Sneakers for #LFW15 not only are these sneakers comfortable, stylish and light as I felt like I was floating, but they looked super awesome with my outfit! 
These sneakers are truly the new generation of bold, androgynous, rebellious..footwear with a kick of Nu-Future and that is me all over!



(All clothing subject to copyright) 
LED multi pocket Gilet - designed and made By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

Lego Heart - made By Bowywonder - transformed into a choker - By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

Red Sting Vest Dress - By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

Hair Styled - By Monzie aka #Euqinom7Designs

NOX Sneakers - By @Undergroundshoes

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