From Black Gyaru Harajuku Princess to Kente Dolly .... Monzie @ African Fashion Week London

From Black Gyaru Harajuku Princess to Kente Dolly


With less than two hours sleep I managed to have an absolutely awesome day at the African fashion week exhibition, in Kensington Olympia London, on Saturday.

It was my first time attending African fashion week in London, so I truly didn't know what to expect and boy was I in such an amazing place.
I did not regret staying up all night putting the time and effort into making myself an African printed outfit, inspired by the kente fabric.
I loved every minute of free styling the outfit I wore and designed from scratch I literally had no pen, paper, draft paper, pattern paper, nothing just my mind, my hands, ohh and i have to give credit to my sewing machine and the thread LOL and what amazes me most about this outfit, is that it had such a girly feel and look to it which is very different for me but I guess when you go with the flow creatively anything is possible .. I turned from punk tomboy to African prom princess in just one night!

The day was sunny hot and beautiful, as I stepped off the bus I felt like Kensington Olympia had transformed into an African island for the day (excuse me as I visaulise my need to travel)

Walking into AFWL...... It was extremely empowering to see so many of my people in the same place altogether celebrating culture, creativity, food, art, fashion, style and love, but most importantly celebrating the love we all have for each other and art. I couldn't believe that amount of creative people that was there sharing work, everywhere I looked everyone was smiling laughing and happy, I couldn't control myself I literally got talking to over 30 people hold on, hold on actually, I think maybe close to 50 people no joke even if it was brief encounters with lots of people it was all very relevant and fun.

There was so much to see so many beautiful looking women and men, Good Lord melanin is just extremely beautiful along with other races and cultures. Everybody was just having a good time with the sounds of classic African music to afro beats, R&B and Hip Hop blasting from the performance area where performers, danced, singed and entertained everyone.

The vibe of an absolutely good time was just flowing through the whole entire exhibition and even though I went to this exhibition alone I never felt alone people was just so friendly, from designers to photographers there was this genuine humbleness expressed in all of my verbal encounters, this was so different to most fashion focused environments not comparing just extremely humbled by and proud of African fashion week, cannot believe I haven't been before.

I loved so many outfits I saw, half the time I couldn't even grab my camera quick enough to take pictures of all the outfits that people had on, because I just wanted to converse with the wearer the designer and anybody, I love to talk by the way can you tell LOL!

My heart obviously skipped a beats a few times in that place, not only at the outfits I saw but when I came across the African accessories, Lord give me strength, they where so beautifully made & although some where expensive they was worth every penny as most items were hand-made and no detail was left untouched straight from the AFWL runway to. 
All round me was classic African headwear to amazingly draped and layered Kente printed fabric on so many beautiful women, so many different shapes and structures went into the design of the wearers outfit it was truly extraordinary.
Unfortunately I didn't get to see any runway/catwalk shows next time I definitely will, but although this was the case, just seeing the exhibition alone was more than enough.

P.S this event is open to everyone of any culture just celebrating the African heritage and the many talented designers artists models etc from different parts of the African continent also Jamaican, British and everyone who truly wanted to embrace a different/ their own culture was there together celebrating colorful bold bright creative outfits, loud music tongue teasing cuisines from around Africa, I mean what more could you ask for .. lol I would say a ticket to the fashion show but there's always a next time and I will have something new to look forward to at my next visit to The African fashion week London 2016!

I just want to give a BIG shout out to Angela Plummer designer of the amazing BrAiD CoUtUrE clothing line made from HAIR

You are such a wonderful humbled human being with an extremely creative talent you truly inspirer me to go forth in the future and be the person I truly want to be at every moment especially when it comes to art-exploration innovation and creativity, and I've only met you once, I wish you all the best for your future.

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