Finally released my inner Spacewomen ..

@ The Megan Broadmeadow X Galeria Melissa London - Mercury 13 Exhibition 

A few days ago I had one of the most amazing days of my life, I literally fulfilled some of my many dreams/goals ..(I went to space, Partied in a Museum whilst visiting the  Alexander McQueen exhibition for the second time).. I'm not even nowhere close to where I wanna be yet, but I still managed to achieve this &I'm so grateful ..

.. If it's one thing I like doing, its visiting museums/art exhibitions etc and for the second time I had the pleasure of visiting the galleria Melissa store in Covent Garden London.
I can't thank them enough for inviting me back to experience the Mercury 13 Art instillation by Megan Broadmeadow.
I always like to speak of my experience when visiting exhibitions, shows and performances etc but the pictures and videos below probably says more than I could ever write down .. I truly wasn't expecting to open the curtains to this visual Art performance and within seconds of opening the curtain i grasped for air, no not in that I feel suffocated sense lol, but in that oh my gosh have I seriously entered into another galaxy? And the answer is yes Megan Broadmeadow's artistic mind totally captured my creative senses.
I was stimulated completely, not one spot was left untouched every single part of the room walls, ceilings and floors was filled with super futuristic psychedelic decor.

I also have a serious love for old school movies, i'm always working towards incorporate movies into my visual fashion films and my clothing designs/style and this was the perfect place for me to feel inspiration.. if I could choose two movies that this exhibition design reminded me of, it would be a cross between fifth element and metropolis.

Megan needs more than a round of applause because you seriously have to have your mind in at least five creative places at once (Well I always do) to create such an amazing installation like Mercury 13.

I entered in that exhibition three times and still got lost from the multiple use of creative mirror designs , to the draped colourful fabric hanging from the ceilings and the disco balls creeping across my shoulders like spiders dangling from their webs yes creepy but I was Alice and this was my wonderland, Hahahaha i fell down a trippy rabbit whole LOL.

I also enjoyed the psychedelic colours from lights flashing continuously everywhere and the amazing space intergalactic visuals on every spot of the floor with a super space dressed up holographic lady projected on the curtains hanging separating each room, I got lost mentally and I liked it LOL I also got lost physically hehe. I'm actually laughing my socks off right now as I write this line .. Because I couldn't find my way out on three occasions.

It was amazing and creatively thought out, the Galleria Melissa team /store did it again.. It's such a great conceptual store offering more than being the originators of the trendsetting rubber/plastic shoes their collaborations just keep getting better and better, You would've thought that Gareth Pughs exhibition (check out blog post >Here<) at Galleria Melissa would of been the only major highlight but their collaborations continue to not only inspire me but excite me in every sense! 

I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff in the store and the management and to Nazly, who also works at the store thanks for being so welcoming, helpful, nice and friendly! 

Cannot wait to return to another exciting exhibition until next time enjoy this post and please feel free to share it and of course everyone should go to visit this exhibition!  

To view this exhibition please find full  details and information of store location and events via the below link

The Mercury 13 exhibition continues from Now until August 31. 

Location at The Galeria Melissa London, 43 King Street,
WC2E 8JY  


Much Love 


Thank you for reading

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