WE CAN DO ANYTHING .... From Tokyo to London Shoushi hangs with Monzie (✿◠‿◠)ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Welcome back to another exciting Japanese and London street style/fashion culture post and video...
...but this time we are bringing
 Japan to London? 'yay': ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

(bites bottom lip -with excitement) okay so where do I start hhhhmmm we already know how much I love the freedom of style coming from the creative people who dress up on the streets of Tokyo-Japan

I'll never forget the first day I started blogging I remember being full of colourful ideas influenced by my native African blood line of course.. lol Then I starting sewing things like teddy bears to my sweater's and popping toy cars on my coats all of a sudden i started to question my creative design ideas and wondering where I got my influence from? well okay let's be honest it was from somewhere deep rooted inside of me, that freedom child, the Child who never grew up the child who always enjoyed exploring/learning and watching movies, although this was a small factor of my design/fashion inspiration.. I want to further explore my creative mind so as I began researching my style via the Internet and at long last after months of research in my own home town London and feeling somewhat disappointed that I was an alien haha jokes .. I came across Harajuku and from that moment I fell in love with the Japanese freedom of style and being able to walk around the streets of tokyo dressed up however you wanted to.

So excuse me whilst I fast forward and rewind time a little bit.
last year December just before Christmas and my birthday I had the pleasure of introducing myself to a Japanese street style fashionista".. Let's just say I had such an energetic and lovely experience for four days straight in December.
The experience / person was like a Christmas present wrapped in fashionable accessories, clothing and of course platform shoes, hehehe.. his name was Shoushi aka Shoushipoyo, it all started on social media one of the main only reasons why I enjoy social media is to network and promote my creativity whilst meeting like-minded people and this was the best example of networking.
So I contacted Shoushi ✇aka✇ Shoshipoyo via Instagram as I have been following The Tokyo fashion Instagram account for a while and they posted that he would be over in London to meet and greet people Who like me of course was interested in the Japanese style and culture.

So excitedly I thought yes this is my opportunity to introduce myself to someone who is in love with fashion as much as I am straight from the Tokyo Street style phenomenon.
It didn't take long for us to meet up as I was intrigued to get to know about Japan or at least a little bit about Japan and their fashion style and culture first-hand from a young Japanese citizen. 

Our first encounter was meeting each other in a London tube station Gloucester Road to be exact. We waved at each other excitedly and hugged and got on a tube, i Felt a little shy and quite awkward for a few minutes possibly due to what I thought might be a language barrier, but that didn't stop me, as I'm the sort of person who truly appreciates people from all walks of life therefore, I tried to communicate with him to the best of my ability using gestures and trying to speak slowly, yes of course I spoke English to Shoushi but on occasion I slowed down my dialogue for him to properly understand me/what I was saying, but I think we communicated much more through our body language and silent stares /displays of interest in one another.
This was much more of an interesting approach to communicating because our styles together spoke a thousand words, Not only to us but to the people on the tube. 

Once we got off the tube I asked Shoushi if you wanted to visit really creative fashion shops and places in London that I liked and knew of and within seconds I took him into one of my favourite places brickLane.
As soon as we approached one piece of wall art, you know The amazing graffiti plastered throughout the walls in briclane.. It was official we were celebrities jokes jokes but the way photographers kept flashing their cameras at us you would of thought so hahaha, literally like every step of the way photos was being taken of us.. Lol 
Eventually I introduced him to a few boutiques owners in East London like one of my favourites independent boutiques Borderline Apparel and then we jumped back on the tube to one of his favourite experiences ever..  I took him to the V&A museum literally the best place on earth for creatives like us.
We didn't want to leave I swear I could totally relived that night in the museum, you know like the film hahahaha, then Shoushi came across one of his favourite artists Raphael - 'Europe' I saw a few tears of joy drop from his eyes no joke it was actually so nice to see someone appreciate art at that level.

The night drew in and we said our goodbyes to prepare for the day two.. With hardly any sleep and a lot of excitement still running through my bloodstream I met Shoushi again this time we went to Oxford Street West End we visited a few shops that I thought he would love Style wise like Adidas Originals concept store Fouberts place carnally street.
Although I was the tourist type guide it was extremely fun to watch somebody else enjoy what I see almost everyday when it comes to fashionable shops.
I found myself looking at things differently through the eyes of a brave young Japanese tourist .. After hours of plodding around west end I decided to invite  Shoushi to my family home to eat our have fish and chips, a classic British meal hahaha I had to throw that experience in there or shall I say on Shoushi taste buds loooool, (next time when he comes if we meet again I'll introduce him to a classic Caribbean meal)
When in my family home, my mother embraced him and so did the rest of my family after eating a super large cod fish and chips, lol I followed him back to the tube station and hit the pillow.

The next day I met him again after he had spent earlier part of the day with some other friends from London Shoushi called me an we decided to go to another top favourite place I enjoyed visiting, ... Camden and of course you know I took him to my favourite shoe shop 4feetshoes, where they sell original/classic buffalo platform sneakers.. Shoe porn time hahaha and then we had to end the day with a visit to cyberdog, The super electro futuristic 90s fashion concept shop, with robots hanging from the walls yes I said it robots .. 
I swear we literally stayed in that shop all day as Shoushi introduced himself to the staff and grasped as he got to pick out some free items.

I stood back and did the robot dance with the robots hahaha I did no kidding ya I did, once I've finished interacting with my metal friends I came back to Shoushi then I began filming. 
If there is one thing I can tell you from filming/Hanging with Shoushi's in London is that I learnt a new fantastic word that brings a big smile to my face every-time I now hear it on anime films or Japanese films.
The word he kept saying throughout his journey in London was "AMAZING" and in Japanese its ..... Sugoi, like every step of the way on our journey throughout London, all I heard was a exciting little shout "sugoi" " sugoi" coming from Shoushi when he saw things he loved.

Ok we are reaching the end now guys hold back your tears.. So as christmas and my birthday was shortly approaching my diary was becoming quite hectic I had to prepare for new creative projects (which will hopefully be released in the future yay)  .. so I had to say my goodbyes to Shoushi... nooooo <丶´Д`> this can't be the end ..

The experience had been like no other, it was so nice to engage with not only a person similar to me in regards to bravery through the way we choose to dress creatively but it was so awesome to interact with someone from foreign territory a place I will one day hopefully visit Japan/Tokyo.
It was also wonderful to see how much people appreciated the Japanese culture in London and I fully understood why I appreciated it to, not even just for the style and the mannerisms of the Japanese people but because of the culture as a whole the food that traditions and the different mindset of the up-and-coming youth like Shoushi!  (◕‿◕✿)

Much Love Monzie 

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GARETH PUGH X GALERIA MELISSA ... I felt like i was in a futuristic black Pandora box...

As I began walking down a spiral like staircase .. I stepped into a passageway where the lights were slightly dimmed i could smell a nice fragrance coming from a robotic like shoe..

 The Gareth Pugh Melissa 'Ascension' shoes.. 

 I then entered what looked like a dark underground box  like hole.....
...Okay so a few months back I decided to take a trip down to Covent Garden to visit the apple store  :/ hhhmmmmm repair appointment huffs. 
I stumbled across the new concept GALERIA MELISSA store, where they happened to be exhibiting a few pieces from Gareth Pugh's clothing collection and celebrating 10 years of this amazing British fashion designer.
OOOHHH my of course you know me I was extremely excited, so I decided to check it out quickly whilst I waited for my appointment.
I totally wasn't excepting what was about to happen next. Not only was the Melissa store an amazing visual shop where you could buy so many different editions to the classic Melissa jelly shoes, including the statement Vivienne Westwood's shoes and the very famously designed bubble shoes, I felt like I had entered a classy futuristic museum, with friendly and polite staff ...  who greeted me the second I walked into the store. Then out of no where, I was quickly taken back, by an amazing innovative garment from the Gareth Pugh S/S09 collection displayed like right in front of me.. eeekkkk I mean it was the actual Garment that he had designed of course lol.
I swear I couldn't contain my passion and excitement, I just wanted to put my hands all over it.. Lol but I was about to be blown away again because, after spending over 10 minutes admiring an circling around the first Gareth Pugh garment, I was greeted by the store manager who then told me there was a further exhibition followed by a goodie bag downstairs. Lord, give me strength.. you see I was seriously fighting with my inner child, who was screaming childishly in my head 'omg this is amazing WOW hurry hurry run lets go see'.. coud you imagine?
at that point I couldn't contain my excitement anymore, me suppressing my underlying feelings just because I'm an adult  eeerr nah sigh.. so as we walked down the spiral like staircase, I couldn't get my words out properly, when trying to say how grateful and excited I was to officially step into Gareth Pughs mind, especially since I was all alone just myself an two staff members and seconds away from seeing his work.
There was no one else there at the exhibition at that time so I got to take it all in, the whole exhibition to myself, lucky meeeee. As I entered the dark room it was filled with creative robot like sound effects and a tiny hint of ghostly atmospheric music in the background... all I could say was wow amazing amazing wow amazing, haha you get it lol. 
The mannequins was dressed from head to toe in Gareth Pugh's creations, I seriously had a spirit like entity holding me back from my constant need to touch his work I didn't even manage to take much photos because, I was way to in my element, I just about got a video and a fews quick shots below and above.. see my >instagram< for video footage (2 of the below images are from the google) . It was like a visual theme park and every single garment that was on display had been worn by some of the top celebrities Lady GagaNicki MinajBeyonceKylie Minogue Rihanna and so many others. But more importantly I was doing what I love the most randomly enjoying the creative works from people who inspire me. I remember reading about Gareth Pugh in my early stages of fashion studies and how he started, like when he struggled to create one of his first collections in a shabby old derelict building, with hardly any electricity which he later got kicked out of, but his passion to just keep on going and sharing his creative visions with the world, is what I admire the most about him/his work, So being in that room was more than a pleasure.I could totally feel the hard graft that went in to the designs of those outfits and when eventful days like this happen it reminds me of how much i sincerely appreciate my creative mind, it makes me love all my struggles in this world of art and design. 
...On to GALERIA MELISSA store, although Gareth Pughs mind blowing collection was on display, the store was also decorated excellently, The decor totally captivated what concept store ideas should be about complete visual stimulation.One of my favourite things to do is visit concept stores as I think they are the best places to shop in .. Because it fills me with an exciting buzz when purchasing an item i guess as a shopper(holic) concept stores sell you an idea, a visual story about the merchandise/item you are into /buying. So you truly get your money's worth especially if you are entertained as well, even if it's only for five minutes whilst trying on some classic jelly/rubber original Melissa shoes.. after all they are the originators of the jelly shoes/Sandals that smells nothing like rubber but everything like perfume heaven! 
I also genuinely liked the Melissa X Gareth Pugh wedged silver ascension designed wedges collaboration, although I hardly wear shoes I would definitely slip these on(I am holding shoes in picture above) like I was Cinderella but without the prince just the plastic... Loooool they are so comfortable and remind me of platform sneakers!
Hold up give me a second one whilst I gather my thoughts to finish writing this post.... I'm just reminiscing on my experience that day.
It has been awhile since I have visited the store But I suggest you get down there to feel the visual/buying experience the store has to offer, shops like this should be on every corner of the High Street, it's like an adult theme park visually and the ride is purchasing more than just a pair of shoes it's the visual experience..  but hold on hhmmmm if they had a store like this on every corner of a High Street I would totally be broke lol! (Apologies I couldn't post this earlier /straight after viewing the Gareth Pugh exhibition at the galleria Melissa store, I literally had to go to Manchester the next day to film, you will all see it in the near future something very exciting ssshhhh) 
Please see more details about the GALERIA MELISSA x Gareth Pugh exhibition that was show cased at the Covent Garden store in London on 43 King street on their website >Here<
Hope you enjoyed this post feel free to network with me via Twitter or FollowMe on the below links
Thank you for reading & A huge Thank You to the Galleria Melissa staff!!

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