WET SPACE CANDY ..... trust me just throw on a colourful garment, when its raining and you’ll never feel rain drops again

This outfit post is so long overdue, reason…. So much colour
in this OOTD I went blind for a weee bit, this is what my vision looked like > looooool seriously this outfit excited every creative bone in my body, rattle shake moment O_O LOL...

.... Who doesn’t like colour aye? You know what I say colourful outfits isn’t only for sunny days, trust me just throw on a colourful garment, when its raining and you’ll never feel rain drops again…. Well that’s if your wearing my cyber space candy rain jacket and this awesome retro graphic print Lordwillinbucket hat.

I live for outfits like this, thank the God giving universe for perseverance, it took me 4 hours to make the coat I’m wearing… and lets not forget the skirt which took approximately 45mins for me to also make.
4 hours and 45minutes of throwing my body all over the floor cutting up fabric and jumping back and forth to the sewing machine.... to all the years I spent studying sigh, ‘when in educate, do subjects you love.

And my gosh, I’m completely stoked I can feel butterflies and I can see shooting stars, LOOK AT THESE SNEAKERS? Lord have mercy, one of the best footwear I’ve ever designed to date, my mother once told me that she dreamt that I would design my own shoes with my name on them and boy did I pimp the heck out of these REEBOK Intsa Pump fury’s with my name on the back of them.. #Monzie.
Mum you see my imagination walking the streets, my soul went into designing these sneakers excuse the pun literally these Reeboks scream #EUQINOM7DESIGNSMOVEMENT and how awesome is it that worldwide, sneaker brands such as rebook, give  buyers the opportunity to create and collaborate with their garments.
(I will be doing a separate footwear of the day video for these sneakers stay tuned)

Have i overwhelmed every single person reading this post, well if not I’m sitting here writing this in space, cyberspace to be exact O_o and everytime I zip this coat up I get a taste of candy in my mouth, you know like skittles taste the rainbow Hahahahahahaha, and a big shout out goes to my creative buddy, designer LordWillin how dope is this bucket hat, i hardly ever take this hat off.
Ok I’m done here, lets move on to a description of this OOTD and don’t forget to watch the wet space candy video that goes with this outfit!

Outfit Styled by Monzie aka Euqinom7designs

EDITED By Euqinom7designs

Peace love and wet space candy 


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