THE LONDONEDGE ... 7.9.2014

... Alice in alternative wonderland 

I'm sure its quite obvious by now, that 7 is my lucky number?....#EUQINOM7DESIGNS.
And how lucky was I when I decided to visit The LondonEdge, bloggers meet up on Sunday The 7th September 2014. 
With out hesitation i jumped on the tube Bouncy castle excited moment lol, to The business design centre, where I was yet to experience one of best ever bloggers meet up event, followed partying the night away at the London edge 30th VIP Show Celebration Party in one of my favorite places Camden Town, the town of super amazing alternative fashion and style.

The day started with a highly interesting talk about the history of the LondonEdge with the lovely showcase director Carole Hunter.
All the bloggers who attended, was kindly given amazing goodie bags packed to the top full of gifts from the exhibitors, one word... wowza’s I’m still going through my bags now.
As we nibbled on rad cup cakes from Tattooed Bakers, We all began to introduce ourselves to one another, expressing each of our interests in the LondonEdge, alternative style and blogging.

This was such a nice way to network for me as not only was it my first time at an alternative fashion focused bloggers meet up, but I have been following the movement of londonedge during my educational studies in fashion and this was a nice alternative community experience.
But the awesome experience of London edge didn't stopped there…  all the bloggers had the amazing opportunity of an exclusive tour around the business design centre, where we all got to view so many well known and start up fashion labels, designers, accessory designers, make up and shoes brands exhibiting some of their new unrealsed A/W14 collections.
The meet and greet started with up and coming brand owners and internet sensation label owners such as Manic Panic, IronFist, Killstar, Cyberdog, Kreepsville666, StarGazer, HYRAW, Thfkdlf.com, Twisted Apparel, High Spirit Bags, Prong, Rojan and many many more exciting alternative brands, with internet models such as, shellyd'inferno and Hannah- Owen walking around modeling killstar and iron fist clothing nice!

I swear every time one of us bloggers picked up a product from the exhibitors collections, you could hear sounds of complete excitement … from “wows” to ”I want this”, “look look” “omg” and awwww, it was just like retail therapy..  on a visual level.
And lets not forget the live catwalk shows on the main stage... fabulous a throwing glitter dust in the air moment haha. 
Being surrounded by so many unique and talented exhibitors I couldn’t contain my excitement, with over 250 lifestyle brands there was no end to this day, so i decided to go back the next day to film as many exhibitors as i could to share with everyone via my youtube channel. 
Me leave The LondonEdge Nooooooo, imagine me as I hid between the rad sample pieces on the display rails lol.
I was indeed Alice and this was my wonderland, for the day anyway lol. 

This was a nice experience for every blogger and of course for me to, as you can tell from my sense in style I am highly alternative and love innovation when it comes to the world of fashion and style.
Everyone would like the super interesting alternative experience that LondonEdge provides, so click on this link >Here< to find out more about … ''The life styletrade show for fashion with and edge'', and ill hopefully see you on the edge of the next London event/Adventure : )  haha get it on the edge?... like LondonEdge? oh monzie looooooool 

@euqinom7designs aka monzie

KillStar Babes  @shellyd'inferno @tequilstar


Heheheheh kisses 


xo monzie xo

 P.S My blog is in the process of being redesigned after years of keeping it Myspace Trill, lol I’ve decided to redecorate so stay tuned for the new Layout/Look!!!

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