Sky High in Camden ... Getting My Buffalo on ....

I'm so not going to start this post with, ''excuse my lack of blog posts''? ..... oh no i just did :/ looool
Can we just say that my blogging disappearance is due to the height of my shoes, I've literally been walking with the clouds ... huh WTH, okay okay let me begin to make sense in this blog post lol....

Everyone knows about Buffalo Platform Sneakers right?
ever since i was a teeny bop i literally drowlled over the spice girls and their style, the one thing I've always laid my eyes on when looking at the spice girls in posters and in music videos, was their sense in footwear .... BUFFALO'S, those phat chunky crazy awesome skyscrapers ... yes I'm still on about the sneakers, I loved them I remember thinking damn mummy i wish i could be a spice girl for just five minutes, i just wanna know how it feels to wear those shoes (real tears are currently falling)
And bang years and years and years later, I found myself in the middle of one of my favourite places, where fashion and freedom is expressed on every person that you see walking down the streets of.....


If you feel the same way i do about platform sneakers of any type (including buffalos)
then get your spice girl on down at ''Quarter'' / aka @4Feetshoes like nowwwwww lol.

You will be in buffalo heaven i swear not only do they sell the latest buffalo footwear, but they have so many exclusive buffalo designs as well as many styles in the converse platform sneakers (remember when i made my own before they where even out >Here<)
This is one shop you must check out if you're ever in camden the staff was amazingly friendly and helpful to me, I had the pleasure of trying on all the buffalo designs one word fun. the prices are reasonable and if you can't visit camden :'( you can also shop online YASSSSSSS : ) do i now appear cool quoting the internet slang word 'YASSSS'? if not who cares, i got buffalos on me feet so me is cool lol!

let me not forget to mention that the Buffalo platform sneakers, are a breeze to walk in hence why i call this post Sky High in Camden... i am one with the clouds, i am no longer hanging with humans, now i'm homies with the birds.. LMAO... lolololololol.

Again i want to give a major shoutout to the staff in the ''Quarter'' shop everyone was wonderful thank you for such a friendly service.


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