MY LEGO ADDICTION.... Brick me away, I mean blow me away...

Hello everyone???

YASSS I'm back... I find that ''YASSS'' word so funny especially when I say it out loud, if only you was here with me and you heard me saying it, you'd laugh to, well at least I hope you would looool.

Ok so, today's outfit was inspired by my love for Lego, this outfit of the day, is completely playful with a touch of that fun loving trait we can often loose as we get older, my white letter 'sorry not sorry' headband was actually a necklace yep i put it on my head just like that it became an alice-band well sort of, then i made the lego ring!!
Check out the lego ring i made for fashion youtuber here > @memekeeley <

A little while back I decided to take a trip down east london, to view the Lego exhibition in BrickLane and boy did I have fun, besides the obvious fact that Bricklane is another one of my favorite places to visit on my days out in London, as it has amazingly creative Street art/graffiti including a cartoon character theme ‘real’ car with a wrecking ball mashed in it, on top of the building O_o I know right you're probably reading this i'm crazy, like what the heck lol, but BrickLane is full of character, charisma and fantastic art, so no wonder why the Lego exhibition event was located in BrickLane no coincidence in the location name and the Art of Lego Exhibition in the same place...

…. As I walked into the Art Of Brick exhibition I had a severe adrenaline rush I was ready to be blown away I was talking to my myself like, ‘come on show me your best lego creation I wanna be blown away’… because as you may know by now I'm a Lego extremist.

I entered the first room in the event and everyone took a seat to watch a short film about the man behind all the lego creations... Nathan Sawaya, to be honest I watched it for a bit then I could not hold on any longer because my kid instincts started kicking in, so I quickly ran into the Lego artwork room next door… I was completely amazed....
I sincerely appreciated the amount of work that artist Nathan Sawaya, Put into his creative ideas and his immaculate building of the Lego pieces.
However I constantly walked through the exhibition wanting more, I wanted to see things that wasn't obvious things that not everybody would expect to see.. you know like the work of Boywonder if you haven't heard of him now is the time to excite your fashion senses with Lego bricks, yassss bricks and fashion.... Both artist are great and there is no comparison, but when i was in the exhibition I couldn’t help but feel the desire to become apart of the Lego art and we wasn’t allowed to touch (I have real tears) all I remember is every single person from adult to child wanted to touch every single piece of Lego art (of course i respected the fact that it took hours to build and that would be one of the reasons it wasn't supposed to be touched) I mean after all 90 per cent of adults/children played with Lego at some point in their life right? It was unbearable looool ‘Lego extremist here’ seriously I was kind of sad Hahahahaha, ok so back to Boywonder his Lego pieces excite me because I can become one with his art... I CAN wear it, touch it and feel it... is it me or is Lego meant to be felt touched and played with? Sigh

  wearing his lego face creation

Anyway at the end of the exhibition there was a surprise ‘YOU COULD BUILD YOUR OWN LEGO YASSSSS’ but you couldn't take it with you... (Tears falling again and NO i didn't sneak out the door with any lego bricks OK lol) however I just sat and watch my little bear build his interpretation of really cute mini Lego people lol, it was a fun experience.
Would I go back? Eeerrrrmmm I don’t think so because I would most certainly and unavoidably not be able to beat my temptation of keeping my wondering hands to myself I would so, so, secretly touch at least seven of my favorite Lego pieces but the way how they have hired security guards on every corner of the exhibition yikes, I think that’s a no go lol.
I recommend you visit before it ends as everybody’s interpretation on art is different and its still an amazing stimulating experience…


xo monzie xo

 P.S My blog is still in the process of being redesigned after years of keeping it Myspace Trill, lol I’ve decided to redecorate so stay tuned for the new Layout/Look!!!

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