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AAAHAAHAHAHAH don’t get me start with how much I am a #teamadidasoriginal Fan eeeww I dislike the word fan but hey no time for denying my love for the brand and what it stands for creatively.
From Adidas working with one of my all time favourites Jeremy Scott to yohji yamamoto (Y-3) and Stella McCartney Who on earth can not be a fan of Adidas and their amazing collaborations.

From reading my OOTD ->(Out Fit Of The Days) posts you already know That I am a Jeremy Scott Footwear queen, where’s my crown LOOOOOL jokes jokes seriously I have to many of his creations to many to mention right now *hides face in broke embracement* eeekkk I’ve even started to wear two different Adidas Jeremy Scott sneakers at the same damn time no joke look at my footwear in picture below * wish i had octopus tentacles * O_O then i could wear all my Jeremy scott sneakers at once i kidd you not i'd so do that!! 

My heart was broken when the Adidas original store in 9 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, closed down, I used to visit that store like I change my Knic…. I mean socks lol but you Adidas fans want to hear the good news aye …….. *screams* they have opened a New Adidas FlagShip Store in one of my favorite places to shop *window shop more like * lol  
in Carnaby street.

When I last minute dot com, found out about the launch of the new store I had to get my sneaker butt down there pronto, it was like a toy store for adults Yes Better than hamleys.
I walked through the door and BOOOOM… Jeremy Scott to the right YEAH that’s RIGHT lol, and Adidas photography going on to the left DJs in the booth above my head setting the trill mood with drum and base type ol’school hip hop music and Adidas Original sports clothing for men at the back of the store and down stairs was the all time great RUN DMC featured clothing and the womens section, materialistically speaking.. ‘Heaven on earth” type place/store.
I was in my element and I have to mention the staff that I spoke to that work for the Adidas store, they are seriously friendly and helpful with such a cool stylish vibe about them (Hi if your reading).

''Adidas lover'', or not this store is worth the visit go, go, go and the capture the Adidas #Londonoriginals Experience.


If anyone reading this blog post went please let me know > 

Thanks for reading... Cyber hugs 

xʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MONZIE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔx

VTG Blue neon Jersey / VTG white jersey - Second hand shop

Car Ring - By Euqinom7designs

 Socks - By American apperal 

Chest Harness Strap– Euqinom7designs

Run Dmc Hat - Adidas Originals 

Donald duck chain - Euqinom7designs


FootWear Fetish at the ''FRESH ART'' Sneaker Exhibition

My gosh it has been an extremely exciting and creatively productive week, gosh that was a long sentence LOL, but its true I couldn’t have asked for a better week and its been a while since I have visited an art exhibition since my last >Richard Jacksons NewPaintings< blog post.

This time I had the pleasure of going to the 5thBase Gallery located in the bold and beautiful Bricklane, where they held ‘Fresh Art Sneaker exhibition” you know I wasn't missing this exhibition, after all I have a serious sports footwear fetish Hahahaaha I loveeeee me some sneakers and that combined with talented artist is right up my street.

And wow would you imagine, I sew an old work colleague from my teenage days, his work was being shown in the exhibition, I am more than proud of him and all his hard work. Artist names not in any particular order artwork from; Tom Clapp Art, TyRemiArt, Kicks on the Moon, Daniel Cordas, Foesone, TboArt, DapsDraws, Ashton Springer, Lorenz Duberry, Nancy Drew Artist, TripleZed, 1987 The Icon, Charlie Palline, DBDS Customs, Mozart Circus, Helen Hale Art.

There is no other joy as great as being in a space full of artists, illustrators, animators and sneaker customisers,
i really embraced being in a room full of so many creatively like minded people, from live art to still photography.
This day was more than an artistically stimulating event, it was a platform not only for people to show their amazing skills but a place where everyone could appreciate the passion and hard work that these talented artist do!

I also meet an amazing designer who goes by the name of LORDWILLIN we vibed so well artisticly, lets just say that i was blessed with a gift from his recent fashion line ... Stay tuned for my exciting blog post featuring a piece from his clothing collection! 

For more exhibition talks or if you want to say howdy please contact me via twitter > 

Thanks for reading... Cyber hugs 

xʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MONZIE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔx

BaseBall Jersey - Adidas Originals

Car Ring - By Euqinom7designs

 Socks - By American apperal 

Chest/Head Harness Strap– Soho/Euqinom7designs

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