Second name Alice motive adventure.....

Little Alice fell 


a whOle bumped her head and burised her soul... 
Another random post here (waves come over stop what your doing... and read) lol ok so years of studying and studying and ...... studying can be quite stiflling not in a negative way but in a 'how am i supposed to breathe whilst i fall asleep with 1000 reseacrh books covering my face :/ ok thats a bit over the top or is it? ... 
So to sum it up i need a break a full time adventure, as if my life isn't an adventure already? but you know what i mean, i want to go forth in a direction of fun, happiness, success and purpose.
Education is an amazing tool so i suggest you all stay in school and finish whatever it is you are studying to get you to the next step, but i also believe that YOU MUST DO WHAT EVER ITS IS THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, after all its your life and yes you already know this rocket science fact .... 'You only live once'' 

So todays outfit was inspired by a phone call i received from my little sister, (Hey T if you're reading :) the conversation when like this... 
T- 'Hey'

Me - 'Hi'

T- 'what you doing today?'

Me- 'Nothing'!

T- 'your so boring'

Me- 'I'm so not, be at mine in 20mins'....

and there you have it i got showered of course dressed and bam, I'm out having fun in the sun looking like a bunch of yellow flowers in a garden, posing outside of some rich looking mansion (Let me innnnn O_O)with my teenage brat of a sister imagine, she got me out of my house and we didn't even spend a penny but had so much fun wow i need to hang out with her more she totally has her money management under lock and key at 14years of age wow proud sister here!! (but sis just quit the teenage brat spats)


VTG Mickey Mouse cardi - Second hand shop

Home alone T-shirt  - Printed online

Lego Rings - By Euqinom7designs

CAR Earrings - By Euqinom7designs

Chest Harness Strap– Euqinom7designs

Rain coat hanging from the side of me - ? O_o

Yellow Lipstick -  Mac LipMix

Glasses – Camden Market





Cyber hugs 

xʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MONZIE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔx


Richard Jackson ART and me..

I was literally walking past Hauser and Wirth by accident, I seriously can not begin to express to you how much accidents are becoming major blessings in my life ‘No Joke’ I say (whilst laughing in disbelief)….

…. all I could see was multiple colours of paint splattered all over a white room, more like a massive large space and you know I had to enter right? Monzie, colour and splattered paint it was love at first sight.
I couldn’t contain myself as I walked through the doors of Hauser and Wirth Gallery, I was worse than a child in a candy store I was humming and awwwing, sighing and ever so quietly screaming.

I felt at home this was my mental play ground.. I mean I dream of art such as  this everyday. Just when I needed to be inspired and I was falling into that ‘would my creative visions ever be appreciated’ thoughts.... Richard Jackson’s latest contemporary artwork scattered all around beautifully before my eyes.
The joy I felt when running up to each creative piece three or four times in the gallery.

I was completely compelled and emotionally charged, his work totally touched my creative truth, my deep but funny way of seeing life was represented in every bit of Richard Jackson New Paintings.

An artist that captures an audience and or person by mixing highly explosive painterly work with everyday life experiences... two words humble genius. The craftsmanship of Richard Jacksons installations was so realistic yet it had such an imaginary feel to it I felt like apart of the process which was more exciting than the finished pieces ^.^, I was peering into the ‘Shower Room’- (2013) installation, begging to be showered with the various colours of paint, how awesome would it be if I recreated this shower room in my future mansion lol.

One of the most important things I learnt about Richard Jacksons creative new paintings was how quickly i could relate to his work without for one second questioning it.
I mean it was so playful, with sweet cake sprinkles of sexual behavior, within 2mins of being in the gallery I was captivated, the instillations was warped but fun just like my dress sense, I felt a great sense of belonging… I felt free.

Richard Jackson New Paintings
 23 May – 26 July 2014,
Hauser & Wirth
23 Savile Row
 W1S 2ET
Gallery hours:
Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm


I call this OOTD| Land Of Bears Adventures | Kawaii version ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

I am so very happy and excited to share with all of you, my latest SS14 Fashion OOTD/Look.

I haven’t felt this excited since… well, when I was strutting my stuff down the roads of London, trying not to get run over whilst walking with a huge TeddyBear backpack hanging over my shoulders, not to mention the sneakers that make me feel as if i can touch the clouds eeekkk >.< … (Backpack made by me BTW lol seriously yes I made it)

I had so much fun whilst filming this video (thanks @PREPZSEWELL) and even once I started editing the footage I felt the same joy I did on set … (by set I mean the road Hahahahahah) I seriously enjoy wearing this outfit, it has to be one of my favourite designs/creations so far, my gosh I felt like a super kawaii cosplay punk babe.
I had powers that day O_o? … The power to turn my visions into reality!

The Black pvc Skirt- I made it because of my desire of wanting to know what it would look like to ever so slightly, resemble batman O_o no lie, this pvc black skirt is my bat cap the only difference is I wear my cap on my waist and batman wears his on his back Hahahahaha.

The Grease T-shirt screams I miss high school, secondary school in my country. ohhhhh hold up hold up just had a thought…. maybe my super power should be ‘Time Travel’ hhhmmmmm no no ill stick to turning visions into reality yep yep.

And the TeddyBear backpack, I can assure you that I loved the care bears but however I’m not one of them LMAO this backpack is totally kawaii it puts the K in kawaii I love you Japan I love you Harajuku street style.
I can’t tell you how many people asked me about this backpack, I even found a picture of me floating about on instagram under “Great fashion statement” #euqinom7designs. Imagine how many snaps was taken of me this day without my knowledge O_O

The marvel comic socks where actually tights I had a while ago and cut them and YASSSSSS, the footwear is the amazing phat chunky skyscraping platform sneakers called…. “BUFFALO” read my last post on these sneakers >here< they are one of my top rated footwear of 2014 and eemmm forever.. you know the saying on cloud9 right?... Well BUFFALO platform sneakers are the reason that the saying exists lol

for everyone who enjoys a world of fashion and fantasy… I call this OOTD welcome to the…”Land Of Bears Adventures – Kawaii version ”


PVC Black super hero Skirt - By Euqinom7designs

Teddy Bear BackPack – By Euqinom7designs

BUFFALO Platforms Sneaker - ''Quarter'' / aka @4Feetshoes like

Grease T-shirt  - Printed online

Lego Rings - By Euqinom7designs

Teddy Earrings - By Euqinom7designs

Chest Harness Strap– Euqnim7designs

Bike Chain –literally from an old bike hehehe

Purple Lipstick - Euqinom7designs and Mac LipMix

Glasses – Camden Market





Cyber hugs 

xʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MONZIE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔx

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