''Let go'' Harness Straps ... by Euqinom7designs

QUICK n RANDOM (Messy iPhones pics blahhh, i was living in the moment)

Lately i have been experimenting with living in the moment... oh yes i've just been going for it, whatever life throws at me i just get up and go for it lol.
 But i would be lying if i told you that there hasn't been some painful moments and highly liberating moments.... sometimes in life we sit back wondering way to much *sigh* and thats something i will no longer do ...

So these harness straps that I'm wearing are ones i just randomly made a few days ago. 
whilst i was making these harness straps my thoughts was constantly on letting go and just living in the moment? letting go of all the things that was happening in my life that didn't make me feel good, how ironic aye lol I'm wrapped in these white and black printed madusa head harness straps ... with repressed feelings of letting go :/ hhmmmmm makes sense loooooool but the weirdest thing is when i wear them i insanely remember to let go ... if not i just give them a pull and stretch them as far as they can go this then reminds me that there are no limits NOOOOOOOOO LIMITS!!


Cyber hugs 


P.S Thank you to everyone who reads my blog ... ♡ u's

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