Fun Therapy... Daffy Duck and Mannequins

A few months left to go and we are now working on our final major project, so please excuse the classroom behaviour O_o you could imagine how stressful it gets in this room.. even though these pictures state otherwise, well these pictures capture one way i relieve my stress.. i call it play pose and snap :/ hahahahahahahaaaa!!!

So my studies are officially coming to an end soon and I cannot believe it.
The academic year has flown by so fast, it was like yesterday when i started to work on my designs for my first collection >.< Progress is so beautiful and its the best gift you can truly give yourself!! Good luck to everyone that will be finishing off their studies/continuing and or starting their studies always remember to work hard and play harder : )

The sneakers are Nikes Sky Hi revolution wedges these make me feel lady like with a kick arse feminine edge, lol the tights are Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights  perfect for the summery not so summery days oh and the Daffy Duck Teddy Bear T-shirt is made by - Euqinom7Designs me and there you have Fun Therapy Daffy Duck Look oh and the Mannequin yeah... they are my friends :/ looooooooool seriously a girls best friend in fashion is her Mannequin!

Daffy Duck Teddy Bear T-shirt made by - Euqinom7Designs

Shouts out to my work/fun buddy Fun Times :) Hi

Cyber hugs 



ɹ ʇǝʇɐɹ sʇɐɹƃnɹ - RugRats Rated R ....

ϟ ɹ ʇǝʇɐɹ sʇɐɹƃnɹ ϟ....

I think I've sad this before, but i have to say it again .... I do thing so much better randomly than i do when i prepare or plan something, for example these pictures ... acts of total randomness! 

I woke up this morning happy like totally as i heard the sound of the postman knocking my door as i opened the door cha ching ... he had a golden nugget jokes jokes he had a parcel in his hand yippie ^.^ and i know bloggers love parcels, like mice love cheese, well mice don't really love cheese but you know what i mean? lol

Ok so i'm in love with putting on my black lipstick can you tell? as soon as i ripped open my parcel i was like my black lippy would so go with this bag like yeahhhhh O_o Hahahha then i  grabbed my diy polka dot shorts which i cut from leggings and my flea market string vest from out my draw and was like BOOM ... photobooth lets work! Cheap pictures ahahahahah
I started posing like a punk rock kawaii pro lol!!

Teddy Bear Earrings - By Euqinom7designs

String vest – Flea Market South London

Legs - mIne lol jokes jokes

DIY Polka Dot Shorts - By Euqinom7designs

Cyber hugs 


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