OOTD | Looney-tunes varsity jacket X Minnie Mouse Sneakers

What's up, Doc? O_o 

What an interesting week it has been for me O_O I went from highly busy buzzing around like the Tasmanian Devil, to extremely bored like Tweetie pie in a cage, now I am over the moon and filled with that kind of calm excitement, like bugs bunny, seriously these mood swings could beat all fun fair rides… the highs and lows the ups and downs, life is full of adventures kinda like the looney Toons Characters aye looool?

All Jewelry/Accessories are designed and made by Euqinom7designs 

P.s I hope you all have a lovely week/weekend, remember you can also watch my YouTube video featuring this Looney-tunes varsity jacket OOTD click on pic below!

The Nike X Minnie Mouse Sneakers are custom made by me – Euqinom7designs

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