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This may seem obvious to all of us whom live in the coldest parts of the world, but I miss summer already :( …
… Okay so its September it might probably be October by the time I upload and post this OOTD? Aaawwwww bear with me I have so much to post via my blog and YouTube, that I have created a serious back log for myself >.< but that’s what is exciting for all of my blog readers and YouTube followers you get to see a lot more of my unorthodox styles, always refreshing to see something different right?

Well this outfit was styled to tell the winter to go away, the colour of this vintage American football top just pops out and screams bright lights big city, loooool ok its bright and that’s what attracted me to it, I brought it from a vintage shop called Blitz London in Hanbury St London E1 (Brick lane for short) I love that shop so much, I swear I could spend all my monies in there but I’m a student on a serious budget, girl yo bills need to be paid priorities, remeber lol!
The prices in the Blitz store are reasonable their vintage stock is tremendous and full of throwback Thursday outfits that shout ‘Vintage’ better than your mum’s or your grandmas old skool wardrobe seriously visit them!

The jewellery was customized by moi lol aka Euqinom7designs creaton and the sneakers are also an Euqinom7designs creation, its one of my favourite creations to date, i call them my Mickey Mouse Disney hot steppers, the sneakers are actually Nike flights 2013 I just customised them with Mickey teddies!

And that’s about it really oh the hair … my nanny named me rainbow blue? But that maybe for another post R.I.P nanny angel!

Until next time, work hard play harder!

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xx Kisses Monzie xx 


FSPOB +AUMIAC Phat Jeans Parental Advisory oh & rainbow hair …OOTD

What a long OOTD title aye? Well it’s all relevant, but before I start to tell everyone, reading my blog about my outfit, I’d like to state how grateful I am for the time you all take out of your day to read my blog ‘Thank You’’ cyber kisses xxxx!
I may not have a lot of followers but my blog view count is absolutely amazing  *O* < me screaming with joy, and this is all thanks to every one reading my blog!

Ok so back to my outfit as you all can probably tell I ran into the rainbow over the bank holiday, lol and I must state that it was the best bank holiday I have had in a while firstly it wasn’t raining yesssssss, secondly I danced my mind body and feet off at the London nothinghillcarnival, I swear I always leave festival street type parties with the best buzz ever!

So back to running into the rainbow, yep I’ve changed my hair recently well I wanted to take it back to my first ever buzz cut hair style, with multiples of colour because if its one thing I love its colour, as it radiates joy fun excitement and youth lets face it I’m a human cartoon character? O_o I also do my own hair to.

My ‘Phat Jeans’ are DIY’d & recycled, I decided to write my thoughts on my jeans instead of buying a new pair of brand jeans like Versace Versace Versace Versace lol I’ve also lost alot of weight and they don’t fit and I’m not one for throwing away old clothes I find it extremely hard L seriously, so I just ripped them up as per usual and I wore them a little below my hip line to create that aaliyah 90’s tomboy look!

My top /sweater is from primark ooohhhh how I love the men’s section in Primark, I cut wholes into it then cropped it by removing the rest of the sweater from the boobies down (sewing machine job for the hem)

And there you have it this was how I created my…. FSPOB +AUMIAC Phat Jeans, Parental Advisory oh & rainbow hair …OOTD


Thanks again for reading have a blest day much love
x monzie x

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