THRILLER, THRILLER NIGHT! “if fashion forbids it I’m going to do it”... Michael Jackson

...It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark LALALALA LALALALA<---(because i forget the words) ... 'Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night! 

..... Ok i am now singing in my second blog post? O.o glad you guys can't hear me, as i can not sing for the life of me, so i guess ill stick to blogging then... lol, So finally its done i've managed to find the time to get, my ass on camera again and film an outfit post wearing my Michael Jackson jacket.
The thing is i have been wearing my MJ Thriller Jacket everywhere i mean everywhere O.o lol So i don't know why this post wasn't done the first few times i wore the jacket? anywho I don't care even when the weather was hot i wore it... ''smelly'' pooooh *holds nose* just kidding i didn't smell i swear O.O? 
 I just love this jacket so much, i've actually voted it as my favorite garment that i have ever brought, own and wear ....  its such a statement piece and thats exactly what i am all about in regards to fashion and life!

At first i didn't think that anyone would recognize that the jacket was a replica of MJ's thriller, oh but how wrong was i? Every time i wear it i am bound to get stopped at least once or twice, but its cool because anyone who knows me will tell you that on most occasions i just looooooove to talk, my mum used to say that i should take up shares with B.T HAHAHA your not funny mum -_-

If you haven't already, why not check out  --->

Michael Jackson -Thriller Jackect
All Accessories/Jewelry -Made by Euqinom7designs
Sneakers- Nike Dunks
Red Boy Low-Crouch Trousers- Throwback
Thug Life- T-shirt -ebay


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