Hi Everyone .... (I Apologize for this extremely late blog post)
.... Well i normally do my blog posts quite late, so never mind at least i caught a bit of the beautiful British weather? 
This is what i wore on a very hot day in London... in May.
I hardly ever dress like this but i couldn't help getting my thick thighs out LOL, it was way to hot to dress up as i normally do... like a complete tomboy.
So i decided to wear my favorite hat again, my latest style obsession ''sailor theme loving''.
I tell ya i cant put this damn hat down except when i go to bed of course o.O? 
Even though my outfit is a tad bit on the fleshy side, i still had to add a small fraction of my tomboy style to my outfit, so i constructed an easy peasy DIY on my checked shirt... i cut the sleeves off it, i also wore my past DIY mini bodycon blue dress to go with my sailor hat and i wore my past designed converse customized Donald duck sneakers-even though i didn't get any good pictures of them on my feet :/ lol! 
And there ya have it my version of a modern day female sailor, walking the streets of London. 
Do you reckon i could of boarded queen Lizzy's boat and sailed with her up and down the River Thames with this outfit on?....BAAAAHAAAA......(NEXT TIME AYE)
....must i say this all the time 'I JUST LOVE DRESSING UP'!

Euqinom7designs -Costumised converse/disney Sneakers
Euqinom7designs - DIY cuban Chain &Earrings 
Euqinom7designs - DIY cut sleeve shirt
Euqinom7designs -blue bodycon dress

My attempt at editing the below picture with out editing software is a fail LOOOL, But i guess its the only boat I'll be sailing on down the River Thames, otherwise i'll drown O.o!!
Original image belongs to http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/riverthames/

Thanks for reading!!

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