Rememebr my past post called... “THE INSPIRARTIONAL DRIVE”…. Well it was about my mum and how she helped me with one of my most treasured creations.... ''customizing my own shoes''....About 6months ago my mum and I sat in a car journey on the way to a family party, and she told me that she dreamt of me designing a particular item?
That particular item was... FOOTWEAR, my own personalized/customize Sneakers/trainers!!

It means the world to me when i can create things with the people i love so here it is the customized platform sneakers i made with help from my mum ...... (In video format also) 

Circus Freak /Me Sweater -Euqinom7designs
Costume Ripped Mickey Mouse Jeans -Euqinom7designs

Thanks for reading!

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