Thank you lord for making the Sun shine in London ^.^ I have had so much fun in the last few days, including riding so many fun fairs rides that i could vomit a rainbow <----- lol just kidding O_o. LOL!
Lately i have been receiving a lot of positive feedback on my youtube fashion videos and it makes me feel so overwhelmed and full of joy... I have had two people approach me on two different occasions last week in the street and they both told me that they enjoyed what i was doing and that i should keep up the good work! - Thank you 
When i create blog posts, youtube videos, design and customize clothes two of the most important things that i always keep in mind is having fun and expressing a strong sense of creative self expression and i love when my work radiates these two important things to other people.  

So todays outfit is my minimal version of the much loved japanese fashion trend kawaii decora inspired jewelry mixed with sporty street wear.
Also just to warn you all i can not take off my army waist coat i love it so much and i may be wearing it in a few more ootd blog posts lol!!

Jesery Shorts D.I.Y By -Euqinom7Designs 
Army waist coat - Military suppliers/shop 
Footwear- Nike Dunks 
T-shirt -Camden 
ACCESSORIES & JEWELRY all made By me -

EDITED by by Monzie -Euqinom7designs

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Mickey Mouse Cardigan (Land Of Bears & Plush Toy Collection)


So this is my second Land Of Bears post and I'm loving my new found fashion theme... Land Of Bears, = freedom, happiness, my love for eccentric youthful style Plush Toys.

 (I am such a 'Big A$$ Kid')
As you can tell by the date on the pictures and the weather, this is a late post as per...lol! A few weeks ago i was so excited :D as i found the mickey mouse vintage cardigan that i am wearing, in a charity shop, to be honest i don't do much charity shop stops, because london charity shops are more expensive than your standard high street stores, but when i sew this cardi in the window of the shop i had to have it.
It was in excellent condition and i got it for next to nothing yay!  
So i heard it through the grapevine, that the weather in london is going to warm up in August?  O_o really? Okay well i am not going to get my hopes up, but if so i will be able to wear the below outfit again YESSS ...without the rain mac... bring on ripped jeans get your legs out ladies Ha Ha!

OOTD: Disney Inspiration  YOUTUBE VIDEORipped Jeans -Customized by- Euqinom7Designs
Vintage Mickey/Minnie Mouse Cardigan- Charity Shop
Rain Mac Throwback -Asos


♥The Land Of Bears/(plush toys) Collection♥ 

(My past designs below made, styled and designed by Monzie euqinom7designs)

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