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As you may already know from reading my posts I am heavily influenced by, costume design and the amazing self expression of the Harajuku Trends in Japan, my personal favorite Harajuku Trend is Kawaii and Docra 
When it comes to designing my garments, nothing inspirers me more than..... Art, Paintings, Sculptures, Graffiti, sculptures, dancing, the human body, (and no not porn- even though some may say its art).
But when i first started constructing and wearing my designs, i felt very alone as nobody understood why i liked dressing up as i do and why I liked creating the clothes i make? but then i did some 'Fashion' research to see if there was any other people across the globe, with the same fashion interests as me.

I found Japans Harajuku trends and i fell in love with, Japans culture the people and of course their fashion/dress sense! 

So in todays post I have attached a very amazing and inspirational Harajuku fashion video from Toykofashion.com featuring a Fashion designer by the name of Shojono Tomo, whilst watching the video i very quickly realized that we have very similar interests as fashion designers and i appreciate and adore her explanation in regards to her creative designs!

''Seeing your creative ambitions through a similar persons creative abilities is a beautiful reflection''!


しかし、私は同じようにドレスアップと言っていた理由は誰も理解しないので、私が最初に構築し、私のデザインを身に着け始めたとき、私は非常に一人で感じ、私は私が作る服を作ると言っていた理由?しかし、私は他の人々が私と同じファッションに関心がある、世界中であったかどうかを確認するためにいくつかの 'ファッション'の研究を行った。




Thanks for reading!

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