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How did you all celebrate your extra day in march? Well i had a fantastic day, I know this sounds weird but i felt as though i was in a artistic parallel universe.. this day felt like two days in one, well for me anyway!
My day was jam packed with pure creativity, In the morning i visited an art exhibition (which ill speak about in another blog post) It was amazing the type of art that speaks to my inner creativity?
Then my day ended with an amazing community fashion show in London (Where i am from) I was invited by the store manager to attended the Bullfrogs, spring fashion show, celebrating being entered as one of the most successful local, high street fashion, retail shops of the year and thier success as a growing business.
It was held in their south london store, not to far away from where i reside and i am very much into supporting my community especially when its fashion related.

As soon as i got to the event, anticipation was running through my bloodstream from the moment i entered the store i was so proud to be apart of the event.
I felt like i was attending the London Fashion Week show, but in my community, with less people, real people from everyday walks of life. The Bullfrogs staff worked so hard to put this event together. 
I swear to you my camera was out from the moment i stepped into the event, The atmosphere was very professional, the shop decor was turned into a superb fashion runway no detail was left untouched, they even had red carpet on the runway... LOL! I watched as the staff also, kept up their hands on, helpful, costumer service role by offering drinks to everyone all night! 

So i began taking pictures of the whole night...... No not of myself lol

The mini run way, was filled with beautiful men and women who are not professional models, but that went unnoticed as they stunningly graced our presence on the runway with Bullfrogs, Spring collection!

The Women's Spring collection was all about elegant dresses, the designs embraced colorful stylish motif type animal prints with the usage of light weight fabric getting us ready for summer!

The mens Spring collection was filled with stylish outerwear, shoes jackets jeans and bright colored t-shirts and bold printed graphic sweaters, right on time for the bright and sunny days we have been experiencing recently in london.

The bullfrog collection was all about stepping into the spring with style and getting ready for the summer with their holiday inspired designs.

Please feel free to check out the Bullfrogs collection online or why not visit one of their London stores they have so many brand names and styles to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something to add to your wardrobe for summer and i know us brits love summer or the little bit of summer we get anyway.

Step into Spring with Bullfrogs.....(Pictures)

Euqinom7designs Army camo Customized Jacket  
Euqinom7designs Army camo Customized T-shirt
Euqinom7designs teddy bear earring
Euqinom7designs Customized Dr Marten Studded Boots 

And a big shout out to an old primary school friend Venesha hello if your reading this, she was one of the models that night and i couldn't believe it when i sew her on the runway.  

The lovely store Manager below
Congratulations on the event 

Myself, the store Manager and Venesha

Thanks for reading!

I am not a writer or an editor i do not get paid for the write ups i do on my blog,  in regards to fashion shows/events etc what i  do is all in the name of my  love and passion for fashion art and creativity.

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