I open the cupboard door and get attacked by footwear and boxes, as they all fall on top of me, right thats it .... my revenge = Recycling! O_o

I have shoes i hardly wear, well shoes and sneakers that have never touched my feet to be honest :/ loooool!
I swear you'd think that i was an octopus in my past life, hold up monzie octopuses don't wear shoes?.. aaarrrrhh whatever!

So in the last year or so i decided that, instead of continuing to feed my terrible lust for continually buying footwear, I'd sell the footwear that i haven't worn for 6-12 months and with the money i made, i'd buy new or second hand items of clothing, accessories and or mainly footwear!

Bottom line ... 'Recycling'!!

I am a fan of textile recycling and second hand bits and bobs.... you no, others peoples unused clutter lmao, so the below converses are a pair of authentic £7.99p converses i won from ebay yay and of course I had to take advantage of the fact that i won them for really cheap and customized them.

I had fun I'm always in my element when i D.I.Y, its one of the best forms of self-expression the besttttttttttttttttt and this D.I.Y was really quick and simple I also did a mini D.I.Y type of youtube video on these sneakers check it out below!


  Use Fabric pen or... 
..... Use fabric paint in any colour to create an image of your choice on footwear! 
Buy/Use studs and spikes, i got mine from ebay!
to draw on the canvas sneakers
Use measuring tape to accurately place markings of were you want to place the studs

Use the hole puncher to cut holes in fabric for studs/spikes, make sure you choose the correct size on hole punch when making a hole
Lightly draw a dotted line on the footwear 
Then create a hole in the footwear where you placed the pencil mark/dot
Then screw on the studs/spikes
Finished look! :)
P.S I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

Much love




THE OTHER ME? .... Behind the camera....

Hello and welcome to a day in the life of me!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... ACTION!  

Besides fashion blogging, dressing up creatively, fashion D.I.Y's and posting youtube fashion videos (and so much more) .... I am a Lady of many hidden talents << Blowing my own horn, toooot tooot ghoss monzie lol only joking.
You could say I am some what obsessed with the power of multi tasking and being able to have more than one skill so below are a few snaps of me on set studying. I'm currently filming a News package and i also was acting in it to? see i told you I'm obsessed with doing everything well everything except ironing lol! 

Some times I don't know how i get my work done because I often laugh my way through learning in my lessons, I love the creative life, no office jobs for me please thanks!

THROW BACK INSTAGRAM IMAGES (Of what I creatively get up to) 
Random Pattern Drafting

The gold skirt i made

 My darling, well my sexy curvy Fashion dolly!

Filming on set Fashion show

Pattern Making Paper creativity

My First ever fashion drawing two years ago! 

Thank you all so much for reading!!



✝,Creative Dressing &vivir la vida creative


Every Day Is Halloween For Me? ..... BOO HAHA

Trick or Treat?..... 

Well i pick treat, because its about that time i treat you to another blogpost .... so here it is

So yes its about that time of year, when dressing up how i dress up everyday is highly acceptable and i decided for the first time ever that i would celebrate Halloween < O_o I know right can you believe it, i've never really been a fan of halloween, especially in the 'lets get dressed up as ghosts or monsters' sense, thats so boring and over done.
However this time around celebrating Halloween to me meant acceptance fun and creative self expression, I was able to party from friday to saturday night, looking like i ran through Disney's wardrobe, without people steering at me as if i lost the plot when i got myself dressed LOOOOOL!
I also enjoyed seeing all the crazy goriest outfits that people had put together.

I now understand the phrase 'Happy Halloween' ... because its a time when not only the monsters and everything ugly shows its face but its a time when the weird wacky bold and creative costume lovers embrace their underlying child like passion for fun and all things not accepted before or after the 31st of october.

My Halloween outfit was a mixture of Street Wear and one of my favorite cartoon characters of all time, Mickey Mouse.

Earring and Accessories -All made by Euqinom7Designs

 (Mickey mouse plush toy customized by -Euqinom7designs)

Hair done and styled -by Euqinom7Designs

Mickey Mouse Customized Jogging pants/shorts -by Euqinom7Designs


Ready to hit up @wearebump


Have a wonderful Halloween





Struggle is apart of our everyday life, but it doesn't always have to be negative.... This is for all those who face dream crushers ... You got a dream... You gotta protect it.

Christopher Gardner: Hey. Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right? 
Christopher: All right. Christopher Gardner: You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period.

Much love monzie,
 see you all soon with another blog post!!


THRILLER, THRILLER NIGHT! “if fashion forbids it I’m going to do it”... Michael Jackson

...It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark LALALALA LALALALA<---(because i forget the words) ... 'Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night! 

..... Ok i am now singing in my second blog post? O.o glad you guys can't hear me, as i can not sing for the life of me, so i guess ill stick to blogging then... lol, So finally its done i've managed to find the time to get, my ass on camera again and film an outfit post wearing my Michael Jackson jacket.
The thing is i have been wearing my MJ Thriller Jacket everywhere i mean everywhere O.o lol So i don't know why this post wasn't done the first few times i wore the jacket? anywho I don't care even when the weather was hot i wore it... ''smelly'' pooooh *holds nose* just kidding i didn't smell i swear O.O? 
 I just love this jacket so much, i've actually voted it as my favorite garment that i have ever brought, own and wear ....  its such a statement piece and thats exactly what i am all about in regards to fashion and life!

At first i didn't think that anyone would recognize that the jacket was a replica of MJ's thriller, oh but how wrong was i? Every time i wear it i am bound to get stopped at least once or twice, but its cool because anyone who knows me will tell you that on most occasions i just looooooove to talk, my mum used to say that i should take up shares with B.T HAHAHA your not funny mum -_-

If you haven't already, why not check out  --->

Michael Jackson -Thriller Jackect
All Accessories/Jewelry -Made by Euqinom7designs
Sneakers- Nike Dunks
Red Boy Low-Crouch Trousers- Throwback
Thug Life- T-shirt -ebay





for some reason i feel like singing spice girls, spice up your life whilst writing this blog post? LOL

''When you're feelin' sad and low
We will take you where you gotta go
Smiling dancing everything is free
All you need is positivity

Colors of the world
LIGHT up your life
Every boy and every girl
LIGHT up your life
People of the world
LIGHT up your life, aahh''.....
LOL did anyone notice i wrote ''LIGHT'' up your life instead of ''SPICE''? ok ok so the ''light up your life'' remix brings me back to the original meaning of this post below...

....Does anyone remember L.A Gear light up shoesWell i I totally do.
I remember the memory of my mother bringing these sneakers home when i was around 6 or 7 years old, they so badly reminded me of the lights on a Christmas tree and the memory will never fade, i swear it felt like Christmas everyday when i walked around in these sneakers!

 I was so excited to write this blog post by the way lol, even if i bore your socks off, whilst you read about my addiction to everything bold, bright, wacky and footwear related.

I have an addiction to footwear yes i no and i blame my mum, 
i mean who told her to have a massive cupboard dedicated to shoes when i was growing up?
Then my mother made my addiction worse by telling me that she had a dream about me creating many different types of footwear? ^.^ talk about feed my addiction!!

After my mums dream i made these ...--> HERE 
and these-video
and..... these

I told you!! ....
.... Mummy i blame you oh and thank you my love, for i have customized yet another pair of sneakers .... so as a full fledge grown ass adult I began my quest for L.A Gear light up shoes and then bang it hit me why not customized my own huh? after all i really enjoy making sshhh!t lol so after hours and weeks of constant how to's -create lights in shoes, i came across evolved-footwear, and boy was i happy and inspired, please check out Brandon Laskowski from Evolved-Footwear.comMissouri, I'm telling you he needs a nike sneaker deal NOW!! 
Brandon Laskowski has brought sneakers to life once again for me, so how could i not purchase a piece of his creativity?
to me he has not only put the fun back in footwear he has put art into fashion and customizing garments!

So I brought the EF ORB'S and attached them to my sneakers via the laces easy peasy and fly and hell.... SWAG <-- lol, hate the word but whatever!!

for innovative original and durable footwear customizations seek evolved-footwear! 
P.s and me one day in the future! He He

Earring and Accessories -All made by Euqinom7Designs 
FOOTWEAR-Nike Dunk Red and Black
FOOTWEAR LIGHTS - evolved-footwear
Army/Camo Gilet-Customized By -Euqinom7Designs
Hair done and styled by-Euqinom7Designs
TOP-Red String Vest 

Thank you for reading 

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