''Enjoy your youth.
you'll never be younger than, you are at this very moment!''

Mentally i live young, but of course physically i grow older?
I try not to take my life to seriously, because as long a you are alive you will always encounter experiences wether good or bad, just as you will always encounter birthdays.

So i say, why not see a small fraction of your life happy or sad through the eyes of a child? and by this i mean children/ babies do not have fear, they from a ''young'' age do not see limits when exploring the world and the people around them.
 This grants young children with a natural ability to not be afriad to try, fail or fall!
And thats why my attitude in life is to live young mentally!

Being older in age doesn't always equal being wise in mind-
(The current state of the world today shows us this, for example the wars going on in different countries and around us isn't instigated by a child under 10?)
Age is no guarantee of maturity. -Lawana Blackwell

now i am not saying that you shouldn't enjoy getting older or lets all run away from being old in age because that my dear is not possible LOL.
Niether am i saying to run around and be silly as if you was in pre school -(Although i am some time's guilty of this lol)! i am not saying you should do any thing really, because you are in charge of your own happiness and you can look inside yourself to find out where your happiness stems from.

I am however in charge of my own happiness and most of my happiness stems from seeing my life as it was when i was a young child, not being afraid to create, explore and fail!

(Sorry about the burly pictures, its due to my camera phone, ill have to start using my nikon again because camera phones don't cut it-lmao)

My outfit is inspirerd from one of my all time favorite child hood characters in Walt Disney 

(Prototype leggings made by me/euqinom7designs)

you see the old school videos behind me lol my ma can not let go of them! and no not the alcohol  

Banana Earring -made by me/euqinom7designs
Mickey mouse knee cap Leggings- made by me/euqinom7designs
Adidas Original baseball jacket- Adidas
Adidas metro hi trainers-Adidas 

plain black t-shirt-primark
Thanks for reading!
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