Hello Everyone!

Todays post is about an OOTD (more like one of last weeks outfit).

lately i am a little bit OTT with, the camo camelflage, army print garments.
So i decided to buy myself a MA 1 Bomber Jacket in an army print color and i love it so much its 100per cent warm and its such a statement piece and thats what i love about my choice in garments.

I also decided to costumise the bomber jacket.
I always try to customise and make one piece  of clothing a week. So when i don't make the clothes i wear, i will always costumise them in some way or another, i love taking a plain garment and adding my creative flair/ characteristics to it!

This journey that i am on, in regards to being a fashion designer ''in my own right,'' is becoming a blessing, because i am not only dressing up and being materialistic about my choice in clothing, brands and trends, i am learning a lot about myself through my own sense of style.
I also recycle a lot of my old clothes and footwear and my urge to buying more clothes from the mainstream high street stores, has slightly disappeared.

''however i still have a slight addiction to buying trainers/sneakers>lol'' >Oh well I guess that addiction comes from the fact that i haven't yet got the resources to create my own sneakers. > maybe one day but thats a whole other journey for another time!

So on to the Outfit>

MA 1 Bomber Jacket camo camelflage/army print- UNFINISHED-D.I.Y Euqinom7designs
DR MARTENS -D.I.Y Studded-Spiked -Euqinom7designs
Army Print camo camelflage Tassel T-shirt- Euqinom7designs
Shiny Leggings -Throw back miss selfrigdes 

MA 1 Bomber Jacket camo camelflage/army print- D.I.Y Euqinom7designs
DR MARTENS -D.I.Y Studded-Spiked -Euqinom7designs
Army Print camo camelflage Tassel T-shirt- Euqinom7designs
Shiny Leggings -Throw back miss selfrigdes 

Click on the picture to see my last Dr Martens D.I.Y post!!

Thanks for reading!

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''Enjoy your youth.
you'll never be younger than, you are at this very moment!''

Mentally i live young, but of course physically i grow older?
I try not to take my life to seriously, because as long a you are alive you will always encounter experiences wether good or bad, just as you will always encounter birthdays.

So i say, why not see a small fraction of your life happy or sad through the eyes of a child? and by this i mean children/ babies do not have fear, they from a ''young'' age do not see limits when exploring the world and the people around them.
 This grants young children with a natural ability to not be afriad to try, fail or fall!
And thats why my attitude in life is to live young mentally!

Being older in age doesn't always equal being wise in mind-
(The current state of the world today shows us this, for example the wars going on in different countries and around us isn't instigated by a child under 10?)
Age is no guarantee of maturity. -Lawana Blackwell

now i am not saying that you shouldn't enjoy getting older or lets all run away from being old in age because that my dear is not possible LOL.
Niether am i saying to run around and be silly as if you was in pre school -(Although i am some time's guilty of this lol)! i am not saying you should do any thing really, because you are in charge of your own happiness and you can look inside yourself to find out where your happiness stems from.

I am however in charge of my own happiness and most of my happiness stems from seeing my life as it was when i was a young child, not being afraid to create, explore and fail!

(Sorry about the burly pictures, its due to my camera phone, ill have to start using my nikon again because camera phones don't cut it-lmao)

My outfit is inspirerd from one of my all time favorite child hood characters in Walt Disney 

(Prototype leggings made by me/euqinom7designs)

you see the old school videos behind me lol my ma can not let go of them! and no not the alcohol  

Banana Earring -made by me/euqinom7designs
Mickey mouse knee cap Leggings- made by me/euqinom7designs
Adidas Original baseball jacket- Adidas
Adidas metro hi trainers-Adidas 

plain black t-shirt-primark
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Smile....... /I play dress up everyday i can!


Smile....... ''Show me ya teeth''...lol-lady gaga song quote?
The above is not really what i wanted to say, (But i some times love to incorporate jokes in my posts and i think its so funny when gaga says it) ....
My mummy <--(aawwww)  brought me a book for my birthday this month and i'll tell you guys something, I love it so much its one of the best gifts i have ever received.
When you feel like your best isn't really good enough and you feel low at times this book is a treat its full of emotionally positive written quotes, the mini quotes in this book are like a constant reminder (you no like a tap on the shoulder) that just being alive and trying to achieve your goals and ambitions ONE DAY AT A TIME, is enough because everything else you want will follow!

Thank you 

A quote from the book.... 

''Smile inside about all the good things you do!
Even when no one else is singing your praises, feel free to sing all you you want.
your accomplishments, large or small, tremendous or tiny help to make this world a better place!''

So i have a new found materialistic ''CRUSH'' lol.... 

I love plush hats/Animal hats sooo very much i have now collected three in the last week O__O? these fun creations represents a few aspects of my wacky and fun personality >___<
and it keeps me very warm in this cold british weather. 
These hats equal -warmth and fun in ONE!
Its just perfect for me! 

As much as i am posing i am sick as a dog i have the flu? :(
so not much make up for me today!

Me and my bratty lil sister lol!


Hats (BROWN PANDA & TIGER)-camden, e-street or any london market?
Jacket-throw back, topshop
Cropped tee- Forever 21
Riding denim leggings -throw back? 
Black tee-primark
Thanks for reading!




I'd just like to start by thanking every one who checks out my posts,.... THANK U!
and thank u to every one who ticks the reaction [ ] ilike box on my post!

Todays just a quick 'FUN' photo post for all of you who enjoys making every moment (in life) fun even if your just shopping in asdas! lol

I had a hectic morning... so i had to relieve the stress by taking a little nap, well i say little but it was more like 4 hours by the time i woke up it was like 5pm? you see i don't really get much sleep because i swear my mind is always awake My mum says take it easy don't worry get some sleep? and i say Oh no thank u mummy sleeping is for the dead? lol.... seriously i really believe it is, but the reality is, at some point a girls got to get some sleep!

So because i woke up late, I missed out on shopping for food when normal human beings shop,..... at like 6pm-7pm?

So i took a trip down to my local (24 hours) Asda's after 10pm!

Pictures of my fun filled shopping trip and my outfit!
Oh and lately i can't get kanye west's flashing light song out of my head? 0_o

maybe its my inspiration for my blurry iphone pictures and maybe its a slight reflection on a personal past experience okay random rambling over? lol



''Man why can't life always be this easy''- Kanye West






Hi all...!
When i choose my blog name i didn't have to think to hard about it.... it came from a conscious place in my mind!
plus it helps that i was born on the seventh day.
Follow the light!

''The whole Word of God is founded upon the number SEVEN. It stands for the SEVENTH day of the Creation Week, and speaks of the Millennial Rest day. It denotes COMPLETENESS or PERFECTION.-http://www.angelfire.com/az/rainbowbridge/seven.html''

Its been a busy week and I'm not complaining, i can't believe what being humble can do for a person.

So after a major exciting afternoon, i took five minutes out of my time to take pictures! i call this outfit ''teddy bear pimping''.... LOL only joking (even though i like that name) i call it.....

.... In love with bears!
(ooh and i couldn't do my fancy nikon today sorry about the quality iphones ay)

Forever 21 bracelet ''best purchase in ages''

On my way to see my future dealings.... dislike london transport!

Forever 21 cropped bear top !

''She don't believe in shootin' stars,
but she believe in shoes & cars
Wood floors in the new apartment,
couture from the store's department''- KAYNE WEST

Jeremy scott adidas sneakers




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