“Life Is A Game, Kid! It All Depends On How You Play!” | VANS X NINTENDO INTERACTIVE EXHIBITION

I remember the day I begged my mum for a GameBoy like literally I BEGGED for months back in the good old days when me and my younger family members would literally play all the gaming consoles until the early hours of the a.m fighting each other about who was going to be the first to play the next console and I'd never give up playing the grey pocket GameBoy console !

I attended a private viewing at the Vans X Nintendo interactive exhibition and Vans truly gave everybody an awesome throwback experience. Talk about all fun and games, with a high dose of childhood memorabilia. Like literally I turned 7 all over again, although let's be honest I’m like 7 years old most of the time in my mind lol.
For a few hour's I returned to the best days when kids were just kids… I was in a serious nostalgic mood.

As I stepped through the main entrance of the Vans house there where goodies everywhere stickers, key rings, badges and the staff were so friendly and helpful.

10 mins later the Nintendo exhibition space was open, the area was pack with at least 8 different games to play, from vintage consoles to new consoles, like the 80’s Nintendo Entertainment System, GameCube, Sega DreamCast, PlayStation Move, Playstation 3, Wii Motion Plus, Xbox 360 and games like Super Mario World, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and much more, the entertainment was never-ending they even had DJ’s playing Nintendo themed music? I no it did sound a tad bit weird but shhh I could totally dance to those remixes, not gonna lie, I did do a little Super Mario two step just for fun though lmao.

And in the words of Super Mario, ’’Oh Boy”, there was this fun fair game called the ring toss and although the line for this game seemed never ending, all the adults didn’t care they couldn’t wait to toss the ring around multiple 3D pictures of vans sneakers, to win prizes ranging from Vans X Nintendo themed skateboards, candy, key-rings, backpacks, hats to packed full goodie bags, me and my bear even got a chance to win yay to a house full of Nintendo memorabilia.

My clothing? I wore my Super Mario and Princess Peaches leggings paired with my all time favorite Mickey Mouse Van sneakers I blended in so well with the Nintendo décor and I got to give a giant Super Mario a lovely hug and we took selfies together HAHA!
Super Mario Bros Nintendo Leggings

Rainbow Furball Earrings By @Euqinom7Designs

VTG Mickey Mouse Varsity Coat 

VANs Disney Era Sneakers

Lego House Ring By @Euqinom7Designs

But do you know what I found hilarious in a good way that is... so there’s this rad skateboard area in the Vans house, where all the dope skateboarders show off and practice their board tricks and skills, amazingly that area turned into so many Super Mario hat wearing boys flying and flipping through the air, for a minute or two I kept on imagining them being in a Super Mario Bros game not kidding, I was pretending that my camera was a game control pad and every time the skaters did tricks I would literally move the camera as if I was playing a Mario Bros game I no, I no bonkers… my imagination is one of the best parts of who I am I swear lol.

Click on this link to head over to my YouTube channel to see my Vans X Nintendo Exhibition vlog Enjoy.

Vans have always sparked excitement in me when it comes to their awesome collaborations. My first Vans where the checkered/skull printed slip on's and of my favorite collaborations from vans is the iconic Disney ERA low top skate sneakers, with the Mickey Mouse print all over them.. oh yes you know I love me some Mickey and Minnie Mouse also the Vans Alice in wonderland and the classic burger print check slip on’s and I think I might have to add the new vans multi-era Nintendo Mario sneakers below to my favorite list.

This was truly a launch I couldn’t miss and I was glad to be there.

Thank you Vans and Nintendo for taking me on a dope trip back to my childhood.

Thank you for reading
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Alternative London Fashion Week... 2016

So after an extremely hectic couple of weeks, here it is my long over due Blog Post, FT highlights and snippets from my London fashion week Day 1 and Day 3 experience in February 2016 and if that’s not enough for all of you lovely readers of the Euqinom7Designs Blog, I have also added an awesome footwear review via my youtube channel, in this post.
I was lucky enough to not only get my hands on these sneakers, but I got to wear them with an outfit I designed and made for the Euqinom7Designs (ootd) A/W Collection, Ok so lets get started ...

London Fashion Week | OUTFIT 1 - DAY 1 LFW "Smile Game Face" 

 On|Off Tv

Custom-made @Euqinom7Designs MA1 Flight Bomber Jacket

Smile Bear Earrings By @Euqinom7Designs

Chain String Vest Dress By @Euqinom7Designs

Footwear Ninja Sneakers By marcjacobs

….Although hell had tried its best to freeze over London in February, I wanted the outfit I designed for the Euqinom7Designs (ootd) A/W Collection to ‘Captivated’ its audience / on lookers for the first day of fashion week.

EEEEkkk and it sure did captivate everyone and the wind.
As the wind blow in-between the lines of the chained string vest dress, all I kept thinking was Game Face darling, yes fabulous lol but it was cold I mean cool because not only did I make a custom army bomber jacket perfect for the Euqinom7Designs A/W (ootd) Collection but it was perfect for the cold winter days here in London to thank God.

This time around at LFW2016, I was invited to watch a few presentations and catwalk shows, this was so exciting for me as a creator/designer of my own brand, as I got to see first hand what its like for designers to share their work not only with magazines, newspapers and buyers but with members of the creative community such as myself and I have to say I truly love the way in which new/emerging designers economise on space and money with the use of creative presentations/instillations.

The first presentation was a show by ClioPeppiatt, over at On|Off HQ
Omg the Motel Clio bunny shoezzzzzzz, it was like a theatrical fashion performance, you literally could weave in and out of the models wearing ClioPeppiatt’s A/W 2016 collection. Being able to get very close to the designers vision via the presentation layout is so invigorating to me and the music totally lifted my mood, from 80’s Motown hits to 90’s soul I was dancing in my head no kidding.

Then I moved on to viewing presentations over at fashion scout, the second presentation was from the brand known as Typical Freaks, I have seen the amazing growth of this brand from the good ol’ Hyper Japan exhibition days and of course this was another fantastic presentation the models were rocking an edgy punk Barbie look, wearing amazing graffiti patch work, pastel coloured pop art clothing, it was like watching an awesome kick ass girl group perform, I bet everyone wants to embrace being a freak now lol, what a cool ass in your face presentation it was.

Clio Peppiatt

Typical Freaks 

London Fashion Week | Day 3 – Outfit 3 "SLLH smile love laugh happiness

Endorphins Rainbow Coat Designed/Made By @Euqinom7designs

Rainbow Fur ball Earrings By @Euqinom7Designs

SLLH smile love laugh happiness - Dress By @Euqinom7Designs

Home Lego Ring By @Euqinom7Designs

Footwear Ninja Sneakers By marcjacobs

.. Hello day 3.
From the moment I woke up I was totally in racecar mode, but of course I managed to quickly dress myself happy, thanks to the dress from the E7D (ootd) Collection A/W.

I connected with so many like-minded people, networking couldn't have been anymore of a joyful experience this is one of the many reasons I love to attend fashion week not only did I get to make connections, check out the street style movement, but I got to watch a few catwalk shows such as Barrus, Jeff Garner- Prophetik, Rohmir Felix Bendish House Of Mea Accessories, lantern-sense to the innovative David Ferreira who's collection and catwalk show was perfect for an unconventional lady such as myself lol, his designs was bright, bold and wonderful crafted and although I didn’t always have the pleasure of being seated close enough to capture and share photos of all the wonderful clothing coming down the runway, without floating head appearing the catwalk shows was great regardless. I also had the pleasure of meeting and taking a lovely style photo with the girl group Stooshe from the uk thanks girls.

So after watching a few catwalk shows at fashion Scout, I had to go back to visit Brewer Street, formally known as Somerset house where it all started for me, I sincerely missed all the creative street style people and their alternative styles and I really enjoy sharing their looks via the blog. 
Thankfully after 30 cold minutes, I sew a few awesomely dressed people from a man called Kalakala-Colours whom I originally met at the V&A museum last year, he is insanely brave creative and full of freedom with his own style and creations, oohh my how the Euqinom7Designs team loves those who embrace self-express, through creativity and style, heart melting moment people lol.

I have to say the "SLLH smile love laugh happiness" shear dress and rainbow coat from the Euqinom7Designs (ootd) A/W Collection truly went well with the Marc Jacobs Ninja platform Sneakers  and I couldn’t of worn a more comfortable boldly coloured fun oufit and if there’s one thing that the euqinom7designs brand loves to promote is being able to feel naturally confident through creative and alternative attire!

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David Ferreir

Girl Group Stooshe


LED FANTASY | an Euqinom7Designs - Style Story

Welcome to my latest piece of Art work/Style Story .. Entitled 

This is a dream within my reality .. My internal highs and lows pouring through the lenses of my camera screen I have never felt so connected with creativity as I did when I filmed this style story and this is the best way I can externally express my creativity in a stifling environment an environment that gave birth to my yarning of freedom through artistry... (fashion film interpretation) Just want to say a massive thank you to @4feetshoes for always providing me with the best ever customer service, like my gosh these amazing light up buffalo platform sneakers featured in this video, is a collaboration with Buffalo sneakers and 4feetshoesThese are undoubtably in my top 10 dream shoes list.... 
...I seriously should have these shoes on a mantelpiece at home .. but hey I'm an artist and I have to walk in my art so let's just say my mantelpiece has to be the pavements and roads it's still all built from the same material right? Lol ok and you already know that all clothing and accessories are mentioned below are made by Euqinom7Designs, hope you all enjoy the video!


Cyber hugs 
Monzie X


STYLE STORY - VIDEO  EDITED By @Euqinom7designs

POP ART ME BOMBER JACKET - By @Euqinom7designs
DRIVE ME WILD CAR EARRINGS  - By @Euqinom7designs
BUFFALO LED FOOTWEAR By - www.4FeetShoes.com 
DESTINATION CAR TSHIRT - By @Euqinom7designs




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